Curriculum Vitae (PDF, current as of 3/13/17)

I recently joined Harvard Medical School as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biomedical Informatics. I'll be starting my lab there and in the Laboratory of Systems Pharmocology this summer. Lab website coming soon!

My research broadly concerns microbial evolution, at the intersection of experimental, theoretical and computational techniques. Antibiotic resistance, in addition to being one of the defining public health threats of our time, provides an excellent system for studying evolution. Computationally, I study the application of algorithmic and information-theoretic techniques to gain insight from large and noisy biological datasets.

Last fall we released this video of a new experimental evolution system, the MEGA-plate, which has received some attention in popular media:


I was a postdoc in the Kishony Lab at the Systems Biology Department at Harvard Medical School, where I began a postdoc thanks to an NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowship. My Erdős number is 2.

I was graduate student in Applied Mathematics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, focusing on computational biology. My advisor was Bonnie Berger, and I collaborated with the Perrimon Lab at Harvard Medical School, which studies signaling pathways and development in Drosophila. I was a Hertz and NDSEG Fellow. Before this I was an undergraduate at the University of Illinois.